Military Activated Civilian Emergency Network. Bridging the gap between organic human control and machine extensions through intuitive HUD (Heads-Up Display); mediated-reality interface; and task-driven operations systems. MA.CEN, “booting civilian to soldier,” will materializing through late 2018, focusing on non-combat scenarios.

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Social intelligence is an emerging capability that should be based on actuality. True, historic, human record of digital communication and geo-located engagement, updated instantly as each significant moment is self-generated by our diverse world. Our insights are generated from multiple public sources, simply name the properties and/or brands you’d like to understand and we will connect you with the three richest social banks available.


Cover is a complete restaurant back of the house, front of the house, and consumer side system. Cutting edge software, adjustable pricing and 24/7 human customer service. Cover includes reservation, waitlist, guest list, table management, kitchen, menu, exportable CRM, tablet app, point of sale, and even a customizable online site complete with online ordering, reservation booking, flyer creator, photo gallery, and more.


Building more than just a functional website – it's a daily hub for client traffic, anonymous inquiries, and potential partnerships. In a two step process of modernizing and customizing, a client will be online, mobile friendly, and integrated within 24-72 hours. We provide designed specialists who are committed to monthly updates. From new creations to polished past content, we make sure satisfaction is guaranteed.